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by on June 14, 2018
It's been a long time...well we've changed a lot since then and I'm here to let you know about what happened!There have been numerous changes to the UI of the site, and these are...First of all, we have changed the colour scheme of the site, there is now a much darker and appealing look which blends together pretty well and it's also not too dark or bright for the eyes to see.Secondly, we've added a brand new loading screen whilst loading up pages like 'Roll the Dice', we've made it look like a ...
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by on May 15, 2018
Hey guys, We're back once again with another update on the site! We have done various things to the site to make your guys' experiences better...the things we've done are: - How to Play - We've added new sections to the 'How to Play' page which are new details of the most recent addition of features to our site - UI Changes - We've cleaned up the side menu and we have created small icons for the features that are in Dice. We've changed the dice interface and created a smooth and clean appearance...
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by on April 23, 2018
Hey Guys,we have brought you with new changes to the site Here is the list of the changelog below:- Chat Lottery- In the chat, we've added a new game which takes place 15 minutes into the hour and 15 minutes left in the hour (00:15/00:45) you have to guess the number the Bot has picked and the winner gets a prize.- Minor UI Changes- ParaCoin Balance- The balance can be checked by clicking on the profile, it will be displayed next to the username also in the store there's an offer for ParaCoin fo...
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by on April 17, 2018
Hey guys,We've dropped another update with some new features! The list of features are: - Membership (VIP) - On the top right when a user clicks on the arrow, it shows a drop-down list and we've added the option 'Membership' where a user can buy a Membership plan with 150 ParaCoin bringing many benefits to the users that are active on the membership.A membership user (VIP) has the ability to use 'Lottery' and the 'Wheel Game' and have coloured nicknames.As a VIP, you earn 20% commission instead ...
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by on April 14, 2018
Hey guys,The Paradice team has once again brought you guys with another update to better your user experience on the site.These are the list of changes below:- UI Changes - Some of the User Interface has changed on the site, we have made minor details to the UI and we have added icons to the site so you guys can easily identify everything easily.- Achievements - On the menu which is on the left-hand side there will be an achievements tab, when you access the page you will see what achievements a...
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by on April 3, 2018
Hey guys...we're back with a TON of changes So, we've been working on some of these features and are still being improved to this day The changes we've made are: - UI Changes - Our chat used to be an external you had to press on the page but now we've integrated it right into the site, this makes our chat larger and has a whole different interface to it, also if you press ESC on your keyboard then you get to change the settings to your chat and personalise it to your needs. We've also changed so...
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by on March 18, 2018
Hey guys, The Paradice team have added a new feature which you have all been waiting for, we have now integrated the tip system so now users and send each other crypto on our site and share winnings with friends and other people. We have also made little performance improvements to the site which will improve the speeds of the UI and dice bets, we're always trying to improve user experiences all the time so you can make the best out of the site everytime you come to play. Don't forget to tell yo...
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by on March 16, 2018
Hey guys, There have been a few changes to the site recently such as the chat colours have changed and little bug fixes here and there. The Paradice team constantly makes minor changes to the site, if there is any feedback you can give, just comment below and we'll try our best to act upon the feedback. The Paradice team has been very busy lately and we have a lot planned for the future. We have new features coming soon for sure and they will be: - Rain - Multiple crypto currencies -... Don't fo...
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by on March 3, 2018
Hey guys, Well, Paradice has now reached the beta stage which is absolutely brilliant. The affiliate section is done which means you guys can now partake in making lots of money yourselves. Everyone now has to now Register again to the site. The design has completely changed and is cleaner than ever... And don't forget to tell your parents, friends... EVERYONE and tell them to join and sign up now using your link to get big cash gains. So what are you waiting for... GO NOW! Kind Regards, Paradic...
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by on March 2, 2018
Hi guys, So you must be wondering what this site is let me tell you Paradice is, of course, a dice site BUT not any regular dice site because our dice site has a built-in forum which you've come across now, and this means you do not need to create any other accounts since it's all on one site. On Paradice, we offer tons of different services such as investments, contests, jackpots and a whole lot more! If you do not know how to use Paradice and you've come across this by chance, then ...
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